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UAB Lietpak uses modern equipment, quality and management systems and highly skilled professionals who can create a variety of packaging materials for our customer needs. We aim to work quickly, with good quality, and be flexible. We carry out a complete production cycle, from granules to the final product.


A large part of our films are made directly in our plant. Through extrusion we obtain films of different complexity and structures. We use several different processes of film production, so we can ensure exclusive properties. We work with the latest film production technologies. All products are manufactured from raw materials delivered by the most reliable suppliers in Europe.


We print flexo in up to 10 colours. All the repro and production of digital printing plates is made in-house. We also print the digital cromalins.


We produce a wide variety of laminates.

Slitting/bag production

Through modern technologies we produce a variety of bags. We can provide bags with an adhesive tape, different designs of bottom gussets or rounded bottom, perforated, we can cut “euro holes” for hanging, attach a zip fastener etc. We can slit the mother reels of film to the width from 50 mm and up.