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UAB Lietpak is constantly improving the product quality and seeking to reduce environmental impact by upgrading and modernizing their equipment and implementing advanced technologies.

We are aware of our responsibility for environment. However, producers and consumers today can hardly imagine a world without packaging. Packaging protects foods products during transportation and, if packed properly and in the right kind of packaging material, maintains good qualities of food product for longer time. Therefore, packages help us to conserve and preserve food and other products, while at the same time reducing environmental impacts.

We strive to make our products and their manufacturing process to be friendlier to the environment. Much attention is given to environmental protection. We voluntarily choose the environmental measures that ensure greater environmental performance. All our employees are involved in the environmental activities.

We constantly strive to make the company’s activities to meet environmental requirements and standards. We exchange environmental information with all concerned parties. After all, these activities lead us to a cleaner and more beautiful world.

What exactly do we do?
  • In our company we have implemented the environmental management system ISO 14001.
  • We use advanced technical solutions that protect the environment from contamination during operation or in case of accidents.
  • We save electricity and other resources and select less environmentally hazardous substances and materials.
  • We plan and coordinate the use of company vehicles, ensuring their maintenance so as to minimize fuel use.
  • The company has the thermal oxidation technology to recover heat, which eliminates VOC emissions into the air.
  • We implement environmental innovations associated with the sorting of waste, its handling and recycling.